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working together
We value meaningful, long-term relationships. Recognizing that clear communication is essential, our staff
includes multilingual designers/translators. In addition to face-to-face meetings, we communicate regularly with
the Client’s identified Project Director(s) via “Go To Meeting”, teleconference, and a web-accessible FTP site for
project files. We are committed to connecting with our Clients during their normal business hours.
With a 40-year business history, DTJ’s nine design Partners bring development experience, market awareness,
and inventive solutions to every project. The Partners are directly involved from concept design through
construction documents and implementation. They are supported by a talented staff with the capacity and
expertise to respond to tight schedules, complex projects, and multiple assignments.
As a multi-discipline firm, collaboration has been essential to our history of award-winning projects. We
include the Client’s entire consultant team from initial goals and vision setting, to more detailed design review.
Collaboration among our planning, architecture and landscape architecture studios ensures a distinctive and
marketable design solution.
For personal connection, DTJ’s Partners are committed to being present when necessary for site visits and
in-country client or consultant meetings throughout the entire design process. We travel to our international
markets on a consistent and regular basis, allowing time to absorb cultural understanding and experiences.
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